PowerTan 24K CBD


A super charged carrot oil and beta-carotene accelerator infused with potent anti-oxidant rich CBD to help lessen the visible signs of ageing and help combat free radical damage to the skin. This super concentrated nutrient packed formulation will surpass and take your tan expectations to the next level.  Contains active beta-carotene to stimulate the natural production of melanin in your skin while providing maximum hydration to ensure you keep your tan longer.

  • Triple action accelerator

  • Carrot oil for natural melanin production

  • Beta-carotene for prolonged tan-life

  • CBD infused (Cannabidiol)

  • Tingle free

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Fresh Raspberry fragrance


24K CBD 250ml 638826003068
24k CBD 20ml 638826003075

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