Powertan Kiwi Krave

Kiwi Krave

Your skin won’t be able to get enough and will krave more and more of this deliciously dark blend of active tanning ingredients and fast action bronzers. Formulated with Algotan® for the fastest, darkest tanning results possible and sweet kiwi fragrance for an incredible fruity bronzing blast!

  • Fast action bronzers for immediate results
  • Contains Algotan® superior tanning technology for maximum tanning results
  • L-Tyrosine boosted formula
  • Contains natural Shea butter & Walnut oil for enhanced skin hydration
  • Tingle free
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Sweet Kiwi fragrance


Kiwi Krave 250ml 638826002801
Kiwi Krave 20ml 638826002818

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